Entry rules for Facebook competition

In order to take part, the participant must like the post and upload or link to a photo or video with your training challenge post. Bozita is then able to publish the photos or videos.


Entry rules and organiser

(1) These entry rules regulate the conditions for participation in the competition and any required transfer of rights. The description and respective competition process are included in the relevant competition details on the Facebook page of Bozita Deutschland.

(2) The organiser of the competition is Doggy AB, Doggyvägen 1, 447 91 Vårgårda, Sweden.

(3) These entry rules will be deemed to have been accepted when the participant enters the competition.

(4) The competition is not connected with Facebook and is not sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook.

  1. Participation

(1) All residents of Sweden over the age of 18 are permitted to take part in the competition. Employees of Doggy AB and associated companies and the relatives of such employees are not permitted to participate. Participation using false identification or the identification of a third-party is not permitted.

(2) Those eligible to take part can participate in the competition by liking the competition post (by clicking on "Like") and leaving the rating at least until the winners are selected.

(3) A further requirement is for the participant to post a photo or video in the comments section which shows the owner and their dog at a training unit.

(4) Participants can enter the competition until 04.03.2018.

  1. Wins and winning notification

(1) We will deliver 4 part-prizes with Bozita Robur dog food for all eligible participants. All eligible participants in the Bozita Champions Challenge prize draw have the opportunity to win a trip for two to Explore the North.   

(2) The winners will be selected from the Bozita team among all eligible participants no later than one week after the deadline for entry. The winners will be informed using the Facebook comments function or in a separate post and asked to send an email to the address provided containing their correct personal data in full. These details will be used to send the prize.

(3) If we do not receive an email from the winner by the stated deadline, they their claim to the prize will expire.  In this case, we are entitled to carry out a replacement draw.

(4) The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or paid in cash.

(5) If necessary due to circumstances beyond our control, the winner will accept a reasonable replacement prize. Such circumstances beyond our control include those which are the fault of the prize sponsors.

(6) The prizes will be sent by post to the address provided by the winners. The risk will transfer to the winner once handed to the transport person. We are not responsible for damage during transport.

(7) If transport and/or accommodation is already booked a cancellation will not be refunded.

  1. Granting the right of use

(1) The participant guarantees that they are the owner of the required rights to the uploaded or linked photos or videos. If the participant is not the sole owner or holder of rights, they hereby expressly declare that they have the rights required for participation in the competition.

(2) The participant grants us the following basic non-exclusive rights of use, without limitation as to time and space,

  • the right to save the photo on a server;
  • the right to make the photo/video fully or partially accessible to the general public on Facebook and our website (in particular www.Bozita.de);
  • the right to use the photo/video to advertise our products;
  • the right to edit the photo/video, whereby the image must not be modified;

(3) We will inform the owner when using the photo in the appropriate way, to the extent that this is doable, taking the specific form of use into account.

(4) By accepting the prize, the winner permits us to use their name for advertising purposes.

  1. Liability and indemnity

(1) If the participant uploads photos/videos, the participant guarantees that they will not transfer any content which, when processed, will infringe applicable laws or third-party rights.

(2) The participant hereby releases us from third-party claims, irrespective of their nature, resulting from the illegality of photos/videos used by the participant. The indemnity obligation also includes the obligation to fully release the organiser from legal costs (e.g. court and lawyers' fees).

(3) By participating in the competition, the participant releases Facebook from all liability.

  1. Disqualification

(1) An infringement of these entry rules entitles us to disqualify the respective participant from participation in the competition. This in particular applies if the participant provides incorrect information or if the photos or other content used (e.g. comments) infringes applicable law or third-party rights. The same applies to comments which could be considered to incite violence, to be offensive or which breach the social sense of decency in any other way.

(2) If the disqualified participant has already been selected as a winner, the prize can be withdrawn retroactively.

  1. Early termination and changes

We reserve the right to end the competition, either in full or in part, before the scheduled date or change the competition during the process without giving notice if it is not possible to guarantee the correct execution of the competition for technical (e.g. computer virus, manipulation or software/hardware errors) or legal reasons (e.g. prohibited by Facebook).

  1. Data protection

We are responsible for the collection, processing and use of the participant’s personal data, to the extent we process this data ourselves. We will only use information about the identity of the participant and their other personal data within the scope of the statutory legislation and data protection law. We will only save, process and use the information to the extent necessary for the execution of the competition or if the consent of the participant has been obtained. This also include use to exercise the granted rights of use. The data will be used exclusively for the execution of the competition and will then be deleted.

  1. Final provisions

(1) Should the entry rules contain ineffective provisions, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

(2) Swedish law applies. Legal recourse to review the draw is hereby excluded.